DJ Timeline hails from the city of Vancouver, Canada and has been dj’ing since April 2000. He holds down a number weekly residencies in his hometown of Vancouver.

His label “Live to Tape Recordings” has 4 releases including the YVR CD and the YTO CD. These “Airport Series” CD’s are compilations of artists hailing from Vancouver and Toronto respectively. Timeline produces his own style of electrohouse and continues to release records. His first two releases are Night Porter Scene, and Live Together. Live Together features a remix by Timeline of the New York producer “The Undah-Dub”. Timeline’s latest single “Lipstick” has been received with critical acclaim. Timeline has released over a dozen mixed cd’s, including the now infamous “SpaHouse”, “ElectroHouse” and “Prolectro”. Timeline always leaves his dancefloors stimulated, sweaty and craving for more.

Why B Live: Timeline is proud to be a part of the B-LIVE event series thanks to its vision and energy. The cross over appeal is massive and really introduces a lot of new music to a wealth of people. BACARDI B-LIVE is combining acts that wouldn’t normally be seen together, creating exciting performances for the artists and audience alike.

Favorite BACARDI  Rum Cocktail: The Mojito Cocktail!

What’s next for you?Timeline continues to play and release big-room electrohouse. His latest remix is coming out in June on Sander Kleinenberg’s “Little Mountain Recordings”. Following that is an EP planned for a summer release on Timeline’s own “Live To Tape Recordings”. Cross Canada gigs are scheduled for Summer and Fall, followed by collaboration work with a number of international artists.

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