There’s a punk disco party going on, and MSTRKRFT are ready to man the decks. JFK and ALP are here to up the ante as rock’s merger with electro continues to incite, excite and rumble its way into dance charts the world over. They’ve got mad skills, fresh sounds, and they’ve developed a legion of loyal fans in less than a year. Just who is the mystery duo?

MSTRKRFT (pronounced ‘master craft’) is the project of Toronto musician Jessie F. Keeler and studio wizard Al-P, two music-loving dudes who’ve been itching to make people dance as hard as they’ve made them rock. The pair has been collaborating, on and off, since 1998, when Al recorded Jesse’s punk rock band Black Cat #13. MSTRKRFT is a hot addition to the global community of sonic warriors currently smashing down boundaries between punk, house, hip hop, grime, electro and all kinds of electronic experimentation.

With two feet firmly planted in punk rock’s influential past, and two in dance music’s future, MSTRKRFT are the now, wow.

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