Electronic music has been John’s life since the mid 80’s. He bought his first synthesizer in 1985, and started his journey exploring and pioneering electronic sounds. After a brief foray into hair metal, his love for synth pop quickly paved the way to industrial, and by 1990 John was programming and writing music for early beat driven industrial tracks with his band, Children of Atom. Vancouver’s deep underground community of electronic music artists was thriving, and Children of Atom was in the middle of it, playing at times several live shows a month.

Arrive the early rave scene, 1992. Couple this with an East Van basement filled with an assortment of odd electronic music equipment picked up at pawn shops across town. A 303 for $50 at a flee market and a 909 passed on to him from an aging metalhead – ‘the drum sounds are dated, dude’ – and an assortment of synths, samplers, and early computer sequencers were kludged together to create a hypnotic acid house sound. Soul Control was born…a live PA experiment that delivered minimal acid house to eager ears at fledgling parties, and at times chaotically burped up crippled beats if a DIN synch cable became mis-plugged during a show.

John is half of the duo Powerplant, a project started with his good friend Kiki Stewardson that has seen releases on the top underground record labels in the world plus, recent releases on John’s own record Label, Powerplant Music have been charted by the world’s top DJ’s, and now into it’s seventh release, Powerplant Music has become one of the top progressive house labels in world.

John’s residency at Focus at the infamous Lotus Sound Lounge in Vancouver has propelled the night to become one of the hottest club nights in Canada and has been called one of the best club nights in the world by a number of top DJs.

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