At the forefront of Canada’s growing dance scene is Luke Fair. He’s performed at some of the most prestigious venues and events in the world, offering club goers a taste of his funky – techy eclectic house sound each and every weekend. His sets include everything from groovy house and techno to funky progressive and electro. Constantly re-editing tracks to customize his sets, Luke’s ongoing desire to make every set stand out from the others is very evident.

Luke has pushed his sound the world over, headlining at most world renowned clubs He headlined an 8,000 person party in Argentina this past June and Luke’s recent Eastern European tour with John Digweed ended at the massive Global Gathering festival.

Over the past few years, Luke has garnered attention for his extremely diverse and genre-crossing studio efforts. From dubbed-out house to melodic progressive, his tracks have been played by djs from all across the dance music spectrum. His most recent release is the latest Balance compilation 011 in stores April 24th, 2007.

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