Born in Buenos Aires, Hernán’s elemental understanding of dance music might be the reason why he can firmly position himself amongst the most respected DJs of the world.

In the middle of the Nineties, Hernán had become the cultural force of the dance music movement that was still in its infancy in his country. As a resident at a top club in Buenos Aires; his talent was quickly recognized and his name soon associated with the most respected figures of dance.

That venue soon grew to be one of the renowned clubs in the world. Hernán’s eclectic deep house, tribal and progressive sets attracted the attention of a super club which then chose Hernán to become their South American resident. His career took off in 1996 and 1997 when both years he won a local award of “DJ of The Year” and, after joining Paul Oakenfold on his European tour, a lot of doors were opening for him. Playing clubs all over Britain and mainland Europe, he managed to stun his receptive audience with his passionate sets and his impeccable mixing techniques. Consequently, he got signed to Oakenfold’s label Perfecto with whom he released his first ever international mix CD, South America.

In May 2006, Hernán launched, again through Renaissance, his own CD series called Sequential which, so far, has earned him only top rankings in the world’s leading music publications. Hernán continues attracting a global audience through his own radio show on Metrodance, in its fifth consecutive year.

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