Chloe Harris has lived and breathed electronic sounds from the tender young age of five. Machine-like sounds coupled with autonomous looks inspired Chloe to repetitively listen to a sound that was just becoming prevalent throughout the world. While the world was listening to cheese-filled radio, Chloe was heading in other directions.

Desperately trying to source out different electronic genres, she became a frequent visitor of the outdoor and underground parties and would stay out until morning listening to amazing music – a theme most of us are akin to. The way the DJ intimately yet controllably reached the dancer made Chloe think it could be a career change for the best. However, without detailed musical knowledge at the time, let alone how it all functioned, she decided to just watch, listen and learn. By listening to ambient and old, seminal trance mixes, Chloe began to dissect and learn the sound, the textures and most importantly, the rhythms.

While envisaging a career in DJ’ing, Chloe began work at a record store where she ordered in all forms of electronic music. With four years notched into her belt, she learned how to sell the sounds to people who were there for other musical tastes. By the end, Chloe had become a patron for people who needed suggestions on where to head for the latest electro sounds, it was an easy task. While keeping within this trend, Chloe also ensured that the more dubbed out sides such as experimental music were being directed to people she thought would feel it.

With a residency at Focus  The Lotus Sound Lounge in Vancouver. Chloe is breaking new ground and pushing the progressive sound further than ever. With Chloe now a stalwart within the electronic music industry, you’ll know that if you ever encounter her, you’re in for a great time.

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